Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Praying for Jan Korbel

Though Glory of Christ Baptist Church is brand-new and small, we have already begun supporting a missionary. Her name is Jan Korbel and she is raising support to go to Kenya where she will be part of a ministry called Care of Creation. Care of Creation is a ministry that is sharing the gospel with West Africans (and hopefully many others) by teaching them how to rebuild and care for their land. Much of Africa has been truly devastated because of mal-care, so much so that some leaders are saying the environmental crisis in Africa is greater than the AIDS crisis--wow, that's serious.

I received Jan's monthly letter this morning and on it she included her blog address. If you have some time will you please look at her blog and pray for her as she continues raising support. You can access her blog here. She's up to 71% of her total needs now, and she cannot depart until she has raised 100%.

The Lord never wastes a difficulty. He's always using circumstances to build our faith and make his will clear. So pray for Jan, not only that her support comes in but that she learns all the lessons she's supposed to learn before she goes.

Jan, may your fellowship with Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, be sweet in these days as you learn to trust him and as he, more and more, becomes your only portion.

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