Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Godly Heritage

I had lunch today with my grandmother-in-law who just turned 87 and still loves Jesus. For many years we've had a picture of her grandmother in a prominent place in our living room. In the picture great-great-grandma is sitting at her dining room table praying with her Bible open.

Grandma tells us that she was a great prayer warrior. She prayed everyday for every person in the family, and she prayed about everything all the time. In fact, just before the picture was taken she was sitting at her dining room table praying for food. Just at that moment Kim's grandpa brought over a couple of bags of groceries and noticed her praying. She didn't hear him come in, so he sneaked out, grabbed his camera, sneaked back in and snapped the shot.

That picture has become a lasting memento in our family of the heritage God has given us, and it has reminded us to devote ourselves to prayer.

Though great-great-grandma neither knew nor prayed for Kim and me by name, I've got to believe that a woman like her even prayed for family yet to be born. But one way or the other we know for a fact that she prayed for grandma who in turn now prays for us.

It's really amazing to have this kind of heritage in our family, and I'm deeply thankful for it. May the Lord be gracious to us and cause our great-great-grandchildren to love him with all of their heart and soul and mind and strength, as we devote ourselves to prayer for generations yet to be born.

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