Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Church Planting is Difficult!

Once per month Kevin Feder (Pastor for Family Discipleship at Glory of Christ) and I meet with other church planters from around the country who have been supported/sponsored by Bethlehem Baptist Church. One of those guys, Sean Cordell, has become a real hero of mine over the last several years.

Sean and his team are planting a church in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. It's 75% African-American and Sean and his team are 100% white. They have a real passion to develop a multi-ethnic church. They have had a very difficult time finding a stable place to worship. In fact, Sean said on Monday that, in a span of about two years, his church has moved seven times to six different locations. Wow, that's difficult.

During that time, this little church has poured itself into a group of folks that have a heart to go over seas in full-time ministry. They are on the verge of sending about 20 missionaries onto the field--did you hear that? A church of a little more than 100 persons, meeting in a very difficult area with no stable meeting place for over two years, and they're just about to send 20 missionaries into the world! I am amazed at the grace of God on this church.

And as if this wasn't impossible enough, Treasuring Christ Community Church insists that each missionary develop a team and relocate to the field with that team. This is healthy missions philosophy but it takes a tremendous amount of time, effort, and money. But they have stuck to their guns and they're about to bear the fruit of their faith, patience, and labor.

Friends, how I pray with all my heart that we would learn to look to heros like Sean Cordell and let them inspire us to pursue higher things than this culture would have us pursue. How I pray that we would die to the world and our flesh, take up our crosses and follow Jesus all the way. How I pray that we would know the joy of total dedication to the person and beauty and purposes of God.

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