Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Massive Machine & the Pursuit of God

What takes 20 years, costs $8 billion, and the efforts of physicists from over 60 countries? Seriously, any guesses?

It’s called the Large Hadron Colider. It’s located 300 feet below the ground near the west end of Lake Geneva in Switzerland. It’s a massive, circular cylinder that is 17 miles in diameter. It has been touted as the most complicated thing human beings have ever built.

And what’s the point of it? Scientists are purposely colliding sub-atomic particles at speeds near the speed of light to see what will happen and what they can learn about the nature of matter. It amazed me to see one of the leading scientists on the project admit in print that they have no idea what the outcome of this experiment will be—I mean, can you imagine spending $8 billion for something you just hoped would be meaningful? But then again, the last time these particular scientists put their heads together they developed the World Wide Web. (Sorry to burst your bubble, Al Gore was not responsible for the information super-highway!)

By the way, I got all of this from the August 2007 issue of Discover Magazine, “The Biggest Thing in Physics” (page 45-49). You can visit the official project website here.

As I read this article the moral of the story became this for me: I don’t always know where my study of Scripture is going to lead me, either. At times I have pursued a train of thought for months, or even years, not knowing what the implications would be but finding out later that it had everything to do with everything!

For instance, a man once said to me, “Why do you care so much about how we were saved? It’s enough for me to know that I am saved. The rest is God’s business.” While I understand his sentiment, I must tell you that the many hours of study I have put into this subject, along with some sleepless nights and heated debates, have paid off for me big time when I was in the throes of difficulties or suffering or opposition or disappointments in my ministry. At times the most impractical-seeming doctrines have been a rock for me.

So, don’t hesitate to explore God to as great of depths as you can! Granted, you cannot always see the end from the beginning, you cannot always know what the outcomes will be. But by his grace God will apply gospel truths to your life in ways that you cannot imagine. And when he does, you will praise and glorify him for it!

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