Monday, August 06, 2007

Planting for the Glory of Christ

I am at a church planting conference in Orlando, Florida this week, and I feel so grateful to be here. There are twelve churches represented here, all of which are swimming in the pool of starting new churches and some of which are among the most productive church-planting-churches in the nation.

Probably the thing that is touching me most is how down-to-earth and humble and God-centered these brothers and sisters are. They are not "great men and women," they are men and women who have submitted themselves to a great God and they're seeing him do great things. Being around such people is both humbling and inspiring.

Please pray for us, that God will speak to us and touch us with the Holy Spirit while we're here. The bottom line of planting churches is that there are so many lost people who need to hear the gospel of the mercy of God in Jesus Christ, who need to be touched by his great and gracious healing power. In other words, this conference is not about us. It's about the glory of Jesus. So, I do not shrink back from entreating your prayers.

More tomorrow.

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