Tuesday, August 07, 2007

On Developing Men for Ministry

I had the privilege of having lunch with Greg Kappas and Tom Wood, both of whom are very well known church planters, church planting mobilizers, and church planting coaches. They have coached pastors such as Mark Driscoll and Chan Kilgore, both of whom were just listed among the top twenty church planting churches in the nation.

Brothers & sisters, coming from where I have come from, I feel overwhelmingly privileged to be sitting in the presence of such men of God.

I told them a little bit about Glory of Christ and then just asked them to say anything they'd like to say to me. To bottom line what they said, they told me I ought to invest myself in the key men of the church and teach them to mentor others. They said that developing God-centered, humble leaders is the key to realizing a ministry vision.

This was so encouraging to me since developing men has been at the heart of our strategy from day one. You know me, I do not look down on women, I don't think women are second class Christians, I don't think women are less worthy than men or less important to God than men. But I do think that God has vested men with the responsibility of leadership and therefore I come to this conclusion: if the men of the church rise up, the church will rise up.

So, I feel humbled and encouraged because some of the best church planting leaders in the United States have told me that we are on the right track.

Please continue to pray for us.

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