Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yes, More Thoughts on "The Heavenly Man"!

A few days ago I mentioned the Back to Jerusalem movement (please scroll down to read more about it; I’m too lazy to repeat myself). Here’s the “training curriculum” they use. I promise you this is real. I wonder how many comfortable American Christians—including me—would sign up for this:

“1. How to suffer and die for the Lord. We examine what the Bible says about suffering, and look at how the Lord’s people have laid down their lives for the advance of the gospel throughout history.

“2. How to witness for the Lord. We teach how to witness for the Lord under any circumstance, on trains or buses, or even in the back of a police van on our way to the execution ground.

“3. How to escape for the Lord. We know that sometimes it is the Lord who sends us to prison to witness for him, but we also believe the devil sometimes wants us to go to prison to stop the ministry God has called us to do. We teach the missionaries special skills such as how to free themselves from handcuffs, and how to jump from second-storey windows without injuring themselves.

“This is not a ‘normal’ seminary or Bible College!” (290)

That’s for sure! I wonder how much the American church would change if our Bible colleges and seminaries trained our leaders for war rather than middle-class careers. I just read that back and it sounds so arrogant, but I can’t get the question out of my head. I honestly think it would weed out the game-players and start a revival.

I’m just one little man and I can’t control or influence such grandiose institutions, but what I can do is pray that God Almighty will put a fire in my soul to preach the gospel at any cost, and that he will help me train others to love him so much that they will gladly endure the cross for the joy that’s set before them. I think I will. Will you join me?

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