Saturday, July 21, 2007

More Thoughts on "The Heavenly Man"

At one point in his life Brother Yun felt a calling to begin a training center for the next generations of leaders in the Chinese house church, and so they started the “Prophet Samuel Training Center.” The first class had thirty students and was “held inside a cave on top of a mountain” (220). I can’t remember if they slept up there, but I do know that they spent the majority of their time together for the duration of their training.

What struck me most about this is that the Chinese house churches are more concerned with accomplishing the mission that the Lord has set before them than they are with their own comfort. They are willing to suffer whatever indignities they must and whatever pain they must to spread the gospel throughout their land and the uttermost parts of the world.

It seems to be the opposite in America: we’ll set our hearts toward mission once we have a comfortable place from which to do so.

After this first round of workers had been trained, they were warned about the dangers of engaging in the mission for which they had been trained. Their response was this: “We are not afraid of going hungry or of being beaten. We are willing to die for the gospel! We are only afraid of going without God’s presence. Please pray he will be with us every day” (227).

Oh how I pray that this kind of spirit and attitude will come over the American church! How I pray that with all of our hearts we will learn to say, “We’re only afraid that God will not be with us!” How I pray that we will learn to suffer indignities and pain and torture and even death for the sake of the gospel. How I pray that we will learn to think less of our comforts and more of the glory of God in the salvation of the lost. How I pray that we will learn to be like Jesus, letting go of what is within our grasp—world-class comfort—and becoming obedient all the way to death on a cross that others might hear about and believe in so wonderful a God and Savior as Jesus Christ.

Oh Lord Jesus, may it be so!

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