Sunday, April 29, 2007

Thanks for Praying!

Kim and I want to express our heartfelt thanks to those of you who prayed for us as we were praying for others this week at the Children's Desiring God (CDG) conference. Your partnership means so much to us! We were able to pray with ministry teams who needed wisdom or encouragement or power for their ministries, with people who were having serious problems in their churches and just wanted to cry out to the Lord for help, with people who were hungering for more and more of God in their lives, with people whose family or friends were sick or even a few who were dying, with people who were desperate for their loved ones or people in their sphere of influence to come to know Christ.

Oh Friends, how can we explain what it is like to spend so much time with Christ in prayer and in the service of his people? We cannot, but again, we want to thank you for your partnership.

Please join us in prayer as we continue to pray for one week for the written prayer requests we received. Pray especially for two churches who have been through some very difficult times in the last couple of years but seem to be turning the corner now; for the ministry team from El Salvador who are going home to train their people and also to host a national pastor's conference in late May and early June; for the team from the Dominican Republic with whom we have a very close relationship, and who have a vision to spread the gospel all over Latin America (believe it or not, they are able to travel in Latin America without a passport and they see this as an open door from the Lord); for a woman from Ethiopia who spent some time with us crying out for her own heart before the Lord, and crying out for her native soil; for Ethan (8 year old boy), Laura, Hannah, and Kathy, all of whom have significant health problems.

Once again, thank you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! May he be greatly glorified as we continue to call out to him always and for everything!

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