Monday, February 19, 2007

Thanks for Praying

Thank you so much for praying for Rachel and me while we were in California. The Lord greatly blessed us at every turn, and we are so grateful first to him and then also to you. Things went well with my friend Robert. Continue to pray for him as he thinks over the things we talked about, and as we look forward to meeting again in June when I travel back to California.

The conference was good as well. Over the next few days I'll be posting some specific things that I picked up there, but most of all it was just a blessing to be in the presence of people who have such a passion to reach those who are outside the church.

Rachel and I had a wonderful, four-hour talk about the gospel as we drove from Los Angeles to San Francisco. I was so grateful as a parent for the fact that my daughter was really "getting it," coming up with many of her own illustrations and applications. Oh how I pray that the gospel will sink ever so deep into her heart!

Our time with our former church was blessed as well. We had occasion to visit with so many whom we love deeply, to catch up, pray together, and rejoice in God for what he's done over the last several years. Even though leaving Marin County was very hard for us, I am more convinced than ever that it was God's will.

Thanks again for praying for us. I look forward to being back in the swing of blogging again!

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